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1)  What is Shungite?

Shungite is a stone that cleans, disinfects water, and protects from electromagnetic radiation. This stone was formed 2 billion years ago and has unique chemical composition. It has a variety of chemical substances like: aluminum, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and carbon. Moreover, carbon is represented in distinctive form that is called fullerene. In essence, fullerenes have a positive impact on health, they contribute to protection from electromagnetic radiation, help to mineralize, and clean water.

2)  Where does Shungite come from?

There are several shungite mines in the world: Karelian mine in Russia and another one in Kazakhstan, however, it is not developed. Karelian mine, which is placed on Zaonezhski Peninsula, has particular spots that contain main volumes of shungite. Those spots are: “Zazhogino”, “Nigozerskoe”, “Makovo”, “Magadanskoe”, “Toastmaters” and “Sungsoo”. Needless to say, that shungite with the highest percentage of carbon is extracted on “Zazhogino” mine, so, our company only operates with this type of shungite. In addition, it is the only developed mine in the world. It is situated in 5 km from local Karelian village called Tovluia.

You can check it on Google Maps by insertening these numbers: 62.475722, 35.303020. Concerning another variation of shungite stone, which is called “Elite shungite” then it is extracted in the cave. This cave is located in Shunga village at 27 km from the main mine. You can also check it on Google Maps 62.595096, 34.936279.

3)  How much carbon is in Shungite?

You can find some companies that offer shungite with concentration of carbon from 50 to 80%, however it is just an advertising gimmick. All you have to know is that shungite is divided into 2 groups.  Firsts group includes high carbon percentage from 30 to 70%. Second one includes extra high content of carbon, which is 94% and more. We want to be as much candid as possible with our clients, hence, we provide the most accurate information.

4)  What is so good about shungite?

Undoubtedly, shungite has a bunch of unique properties. For instance, it protects us from electromagnetic radiation. According to scientific researches, shungite plate possesses a high reflection level of electromagnetic radiation. It can also help in terms of cleaning water from chemical substances and low-molecular impurities. Furthermore, shungite has fullerenes, which are prevalent only in sea air. Fullerenes are natural antioxidants that help in treatment of headaches, muscle pains, joints, fatigue, etc.

5)  How to check out the authenticity of shungite?

Certainly, shungite is getting increasing popular around the world. However, one should keep in mind that there is another side of the coin and market is overfilled with fake goods. Nevertheless, there is a simple way to check authenticity of shungite. All you have to do is to use an electrical tester, which is quite easy to purchase in any shop. Shungite is electrically conductive, thus, tester will easily prove validity of your stone.

Another simple way is to accurately check your item. Real shungite has attachments of pyrite and quartz in its structure. If your item has any sort of additional minerals in structure then it is OK, your shungite is real.

6)  Why do I have dark smudges on my hands and clothes?

Shungite has black color and continues to smudge a little bit after being polished. It is certainly not recommended to use shungite with light clothing; however, you might clean it under tap water and dry on the sun. This is how you will get rid of shungite dust and charge shungite with energy.

7)  Why does elite shungite has some rust?

Elite shungite (in other words anthraxolite) has insignificant quantity of iron in its structure. Iron even in low quantities is a substance that creates rust. Usually it happens when stone contacts with water, there are no reasons to find it mystical. If you want to remove rust then you can brash shungite, do not be afraid it will not lose helpful qualities.

8)  I want to taste shungite water. How can I do it?

In order to get mineralized and clean shungite water you have to stick to some rules. Shungite has the porous structure, which lets it adsorb harmful substances and make a clean water.

So, what should you do? The first thing you do after purchasing shungite rinsing it with tap water. Then put it carafe with liquid. Use the following proportion: 100 gr of shungite to 1 liter of water. You will attain the maximum effect in 2 days. Bingo! You have completely purified and mineralized shungite water.

Last but not least, if you have problems acidity, oncology or you are prone to thrombosis then it is not recommended for to drink this water often than 3 times per day! Refurbish shungite once in 3-4 months.


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